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n 2016 the Stendahl Galleries of Art achieved another milestone: one hundred five years of continuous operation. After a long, successful run by three generations of Stendahls and Dammanns, the business will close in 2017. President Ronald Dammann and his wife April, the gallery's archivist, will sell the historic Hillside Avenue property in Hollywood and move to Mendocino County, California.

To all of our clients and friends, those who share with us a deep connection to artistic splendors of the past—we say farewell to Los Angeles, but not to our commitment to remain involved in Pre-Columbian art and California Impressionist paintings, as well as the life stories of art world figures chronicled in April's biographies.

Artist identified!
Sculptor Kirk Newman of Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Still active at age 91. Painting is dated 1951.

Founder Earl L. Stendahl (1887-1966) came to Southern California from a small town in Wisconsin. Unschooled in the world of art or commerce, Stendahl began nurturing young Los Angeles artists by showing their work at his downtown restaurant, The Black Cat Café. Before long the still-young art dealer was putting on shows for Edgar Payne, Guy Rose, William Wendt, Nicolai Fechin, Joseph Kleitsch and other masters of the California Impressionist school at his gallery in The Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. His clients included Hollywood celebrities, museums, educators, European emigres, politicians, even royalty.

The Stendahl Galleries, today

Pioneer Stendahl next turned to the great names of European and revolutionary American and Latin American modern art: Matisse, Klee, Kandinsky, Chagall, Brancusi, Feitelson, Siqueiros, Rivera. Few remember that in 1939 Stendahl hosted one of only two non-museum exhibitions of Pablo Picasso's masterwork, Guernica, to benefit Spanish war orphans.

As early as 1935 Stendahl began promoting ancient artifacts from Mexico and Central America. Over time the Stendahl Galleries have become synonymous with Pre-Columbian art, nationally and internationally. Stendahl's first client for the material was noted collector Walter Arensberg, who lured Stendahl to his Hollywood neighborhood as a personal friend and dealer. The Stendahl Galleries expanded into the Arensberg estate in 1954. Stendahl had helped Walter and Louise amass what one art historian called "the most discriminating single group of twentieth century paintings and sculpture in existence."

Such was Stendahl's influence on the artistic landscape of Southern California and beyond. After his death in 1966, Stendahl's son, son-in-law (already veteran dealers) and grandsons continued the family business from the residential complex in the Hollywood Hills. President Ronald W. Dammann (Stendahl's grandson) and his wife April live there, presiding over the large art collection and enjoying the architectural contributions to their home of William Woollett, Richard Neutra, Gregory Ain, H. Palmer Sabin and John Lautner. The property has been granted historic monument status by the city of Los Angeles.

One hundred and five years, three generations, a legacy of unsurpassed connoisseurship.

The Stendahl Gallery wishes to provide answers to the many questions we receive about ARTISTS and EVENTS from our long history. On the web, please consult the Smithsonian Archives of American Art—Stendahl Art Galleries papers, ca. 1920-1964. To visit: Huntington Library, San Marino, Washington, DC, and other locations.


Fine Pre-Columbian and Ancient Art
California Impressionist paintings from the 1920s

7065 Hillside Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90068
By Appointment for Acquisitions and Appraisals

Ronald W. Dammann, President
Ethnic Arts Council of Los Angeles Chairman Emeritus
Art Dealers Association of California (ADAC) President Emeritus
Los Angeles Tribal
Friends of Ethnic Art, San Francisco

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Exhibitionist: Earl Stendahl,
Art Dealer as Impresario by April Dammann

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Seated female (clay), Jalisco, Mexico
Proto-classic period, 200 BC - 200 AD
24 inches

San Francisco Tribal and Textile Arts Show

Jaguar effigy metate, Costa Rica
Early Post-Classic period, ca 1,000 AD
Three feet in length

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